Don't know what to expect from Spiritual Counseling, curious if we are a fit for each other, or never heard of Ayurveda? Enjoy a one hour free exploration and discussion on all the possible ways in which Evolution Ayurveda can serve you.

It is so important when deciding upon a wellness path that you select a coach with whom you can feel most comfortable. It is also critical that not only the coach but the approach is a match for your lifestyle and goals. The most important thing in your path is that it serves you. In this exploratory hour together you are free to ask questions and openly share your goals so that together we can discover if this is a cohesive marriage in spirit and health.


Are you looking for a way to enhance your overall sense of happiness? Wanting to tackle a fear, anxiety, or source of frustration which impedes your ability to maintain healthy relationships, get the promotion you are seeking, or from making healthy decisions? Or perhaps you are seeking a way to connect with your soul's purpose and experience a sense of spiritual awakening? Evolution Ayurveda's Spiritual Counseling Services can help you on your path towards mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. This style of counseling and coaching leans on our innate intuition deep within to help us bring forth our very best selves. Contact Evolution Ayurveda about the Spiritual Counseling Services we offer which will help you blossom into the YOU that you so deeply desire to be.


Looking to improve your overall sense of physical wellness? Or perhaps, have a specific health concern which you wish to address? Using the age old wisdom of Ayurveda, Evolution Ayurveda's Wellness Coaching Services is a great opportunity to build on your existing foundation of health and/or to modify lifestyle behaviors that are hindering you from reaching your ultimate goals. Contact Evolution Ayurveda to learn about the Wellness Coaching Services we offer to help you find harmony and balance in body.


If you are seeking ways to infuse calmer into your life, meditation is one of the most effective and time-tested methods for achieving this goal. This is the most powerful tool in your toolbox towards the physical and emotional well-being.

The training is completely free and very easy. Training is done online via Skype, takes a short amount of your time, and in return, you are given a lifelong passage towards peace.

Please contact us to learn more about this amazing gift. The training is open to men and women and again, is completely free with no strings attached.